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Selling a House

Selling a house in Bonita Springs Fl or the SWFL area can be a complicated process, regardless of how exemplary the real estate market can be. Even if you are not a first-time home seller, you will likely have a lot of questions. Questions like, Do I need a real estate agent?  What’s “closing” mean? How can I get the best price on my house? How can I sell my house and buy a new one at the same time? 

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There are two principal approaches to selling your home — with a Realtor or without a Realtor. Let’s go over a few pointers that all sellers should be conscious of.


Recognizing what the worth of your house is and being patient is essential. Have your home appraised; it can cost anywhere from $250 to $500. In a strong market, the selling price can be up to 10 percent to 15 percent greater than the appraisal. In a weaker market, the selling price may be equal to the appraisal amount. 


A home inspection is also essential in averting complexities during the sale of your home. The home buyer will get an inspection, but finding complications during a home inspection prior to selling allows you to have more control over how to deal with them. If your home inspection does find something wrong in your house, it’s imperative that you get familiar with your state’s disclosure laws to deter potential litigation issues. These laws do differ from state to state, but they generally do demand that you reveal information, either orally or in writing.

Lastly, attempt market your home as long as possible prior to purchasing a new home. Avoid funding for two mortgages for as long as possible. Few people are able to afford that.

If you discover a home AND you do not want to wait to buy a home before selling your house, you should speak to your lender about the bridge loan.

A bridge loan works if you have enough equity stored in your house, you can use it to pay the down payment on a new home. You may also get a home equity loan to assist with the double mortgage payments.

Now it’s time to consider the age old question, Do I need a real estate agent or not?    (941)677-8255

Selling a House

Although the Internet has made it more possible to sell your home without an agent, about 90% of home sales are closed with the assistance of a real estate agent. Here are a few explanations why using a real estate agent can be useful:

  • Education and experience– A good realtor knows the elaborate procedures and paperwork involved in selling a home. 
  • Saves you time & energy– You will not have to waste time scheduling tours of your house.
  • The market– A good realtor knows the market and recognizes trends.
  • Negotiation– An agent can negotiate on your account and has expertise doing it.
  • Professional contacts– Your agent has contacts
    homes for sale in Bonita Springs

    homes for sale in Bonita Springs

The principal mechanism for agents is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a comprehensive online database, which roughly 900,000 agents have restricted access to, the MLS contains 90 percent of properties for sale throughout the United States.

How to Find a Real Estate Agent

It’s ideal to use an agent who is a member the National Association of Realtors, that way you understand that the agent abides by a law of ethics. 

When you locate a realtor, do not sign a contract instantly. First, question the agent and see if this is a character you desire to work for you. You need an agent who asks you questions and is genuinely excited about your home, this is really a job interview. You are the employer.

homes for sale in Bonita Springs


For Sale by Owner


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While challenging, selling a house without a real estate agent can be completed. With tough work and analysis, you could save up to 7% in very few cases. Such savings are difficult to obtain and are very reliant on a given market.

You will have to battle with a shortage of exposure — you probably will not have access to MLS or an agent’s connections. Buyers are also regularly more comfortable operating with an agent or broker. Prepare to settle for a weaker sale price than you would achieve with a real estate agent.

Selling your house on your own is time-consuming and stressful. You will place ads alone, plan and schedule tours around your work schedule, negotiate, and locate and book of needed professionals (inspector, lawyer, title company, etc).

Tips for Selling on Your Own

Make sure you abide by the fair housing rules.

Next, advertising is vital. Advertise in the newspaper, and think about real estate magazines or weekly newspaper inserts.

Find websites that enable you to advertise online

During this process, the right pricing is essential. A house that is overpriced risks not selling and missing potential buyers. And a price that proceeds to decline as the house sits on the market lessens your negotiating leverage and tells prospective buyers that you’re uncertain how much your house is valued.

Time to Sell Your House

Whether or not you are working with an agent, there are some conventional procedures you should understand when you are selling your home.

One of the most significant steps in selling your home is…do NOT overprice your home. Getting an appraisal benefits, but the market determines the price overall.

Think about all the several attributes of your house and the area — location, schools, weather, housing market, and prices in the neighborhood. If working with a real estate agent, providing this info will help him or her to sell your home better.

There are more risks associated with pricing your home too high. If you do to price it too low, you will most likely have multiple offers, which should bring up the selling price.

Prepare your house before placing it up for sale, and view with an objective eye. Think about hiring a professional service to clean your house completely, such as carpets, appliances and your windows. Remove any extra clutter. You want the judgment that the home that has been well maintained, any disorder can drive a buyer away from your house.

homes for sale in Bonita Springs

homes for sale in Bonita Springs

How to Select an Offer

Your real estate agent can weed out buyers by just looking for proof of funds or viewing a pre-approval letter.  Buyers receive a pre-approval letter from a lending institution that states their highest lending limit.  Don’t waste your time on people without the borrowing ability to prove they have funds accessible.

Think about your own finances. You may have an exemplary price in mind, but, finally, at what offers are you ready to settle for? Keep in mind the fees of the actual the sale process, closing costs, attorney’s fees and so on.

Closing a Home Sale

Horray! You’ve discovered a buyer, accepted an offer, and ready to sell your home. Now it’s time to seal the deal, so how do you do that?

Well, you will require a title company. A title company investigates the title deed, the document that grants someone ownership of the property, and looks for any problems such as contested ownership claims or missing documentation. They also provide title insurance, which is assigned to the homebuyer and guards them against financial losses that occur from an issue with the title.

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