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How To Buy A House The Home Buyers Checklist

Ready to look for  Homes For Sale in Bonita Springs Fl or the Naples, Estero, or the surrounding SWFL area?

Step 1: Do Your Research Early

Check Your Credit Report 

Before getting a mortgage or any kind of loan, it’s best to check your credit. The law permits, you to receive ONE copy of your credit FREE report each year. You can do this by visiting Scores can be from 300 to 850; generally, the higher your credit score, the better loan rate you can qualify for. Don’t forget to check your credit report for errors. If any, you should dispute the errors.


Step 2: How Much House You Can Afford

Lenders generally recommend that people seek homes that cost less than 3 to 5 times their annual household income if the home buyers mean to put down a 20% down payment and have a controllable sum of other debt. Then you know out of homes for sale in Bonita Springs Fl, what you can buy without the fear of a foreclosure.  Don't over purchase!

Step 3: Get Prequalified and Preapproved for credit for Your Mortgage

Prior to looking for homes for sale in Bonita Springs Fl, you’ll need to figure out how much you can reasonably afford. The best way to do this is to get a prequalification letter for the mortgage from a bank or lender. They will require your income, your amount of savings, and investments. Your lender will assess this data and present your lending amount. Apply this to determine the price range of the homes you should be viewing. After which, you can get pre-approved for credit, which comprises of presenting documents regarding your finances (paycheck stubs, W-2 statements bank, account statements, etc.) so your lender can verify your financial standing and credit. Is online lending right for you?

You may be able to buy a house. Even if you have poor credit. More information Here




Step 4: Find the Right Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are fundamental partners when you are buying or selling a home. Real estate agents can equip you with invaluable information on homes and neighborhoods that are not readily available to the public. Their knowledge of the home buying process, negotiating abilities, and expertise with the area you want to live can be particularly advantageous. Look for one familiar with homes for sale in Bonita Springs Fl or at least the general SWFL area. And most relevant of all, it does cost you extra money to utilize an agent because they are paid by the seller of a home as commission.


Step 5: Shop for Your Home and Make an Offer

Begin visiting homes in your price range. It may be advantageous to record notes on all the houses you tour.  It can take 3 houses before you select a house to buy or it could take 15! So you want a system to remember homes you viewed. You might even want to snap pictures or video to assist you with memorizing each house.   There can be an overwhelming number of homes for sale in Bonita Springs Fl, Naples, or Estero.

Make sure to examine the little details of each house. For instance:

1. Inspect the plumbing by running the shower, assess the water pressure, and observe how long it before you feel the warm water.
2. Turn switches on and off.
3. Check the windows and doors.
4. Assess the neighborhood and make a note of items like:

     A. Are the other homes on the road well maintained?
     B. How hectic is the traffic on the street?
     C. What does the parking like?
     D. Is it ideally located near schools, shopping plazas, and public transportation?

9. Take as much time as you believe is required to find the ideal home.  Then have your real estate agent to negotiate a fair offer based on the market value of similar homes in the equivalent or similar neighborhood. When you and the seller have agreed on a value, the house will go into escrow, which is the duration of time that it needs to finish the steps for the home buying process.


Step 6: Get a Home Inspection

Frequently, purchase offers are dependent on a home inspection of the home to inspect for signs of damage to the building and see what needs to be fixed. Your real estate agent can assist you to and record an inspection shortly after your offer is accepted by the seller. This contingency guards you by presenting you a chance to renegotiate your offer or withdraw it without penalty if the inspection reveals abundant damage.

Both you and the seller will receive a report on the home inspector’s findings. You then can determine if you want the seller to fix anything in the home before closing the deal. Before the sale closes, you will have a walk-through of the home, which gives you the chance to confirm that any agreed-upon repairs have been performed. Almost every loan requires you get an inspection when you buy one of the homes for sale in Bonita Springs Fl.

Step 7: Work with a Mortgage Banker to Select Your Loan

Lenders have a variation of competitively valued loan programs. You can ask your lender the optimal loan type or program to move ahead.  Assess, the down payment and interest rates.  Check to discern if it’s best to lock in an interest rate or discern if the interest rates can be lower by the time of purchase.

Each homebuyer has distinctive priorities when choosing a mortgage. Some prioritize keeping their month to month payments as low as possible. While some others are more interested in assuring that their monthly payments do not rise. Whereas some others choose a loan knowing they will be moving within several years.

Step 8: Have the Home Appraised

Lenders will schedule for an appraiser to administer an independent evaluation of the value of the home you are purchasing. The appraiser is a member of a third-party company and not directly associated with the lender or their organization. The appraisal will inform all the parties that are a part of the transaction, whether you are spending a reasonable price for the house.  


Step 9: Coordinate the Paperwork

As you can presume, there is a lot of paperwork incorporated with buying a house. Your lender will have a title company manage all the required paperwork and ensure that the seller is the legitimate owner of the house you are buying.

Step 10: Close the Sale

Closing is when you will sign all the documentation required to complete the acquisition, including the loan paperwork from your lender. It usually takes several days for your loan to be funded after the papers are returned to the lender. After the check is sent to the seller, you may then move into your new home!

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