Tips for hurricane Survival in Florida

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 Tips for hurricane Survival

1.       Charge your Laptops and keep turned off or sleep and if your phone battery starts to die, plug it into a laptop via charger cord, it will charge your phone off its battery! Also, use the power savings button on phone and reduce screen brightness to conserve power.

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2.       Download “NEXT” radio APP it's free and picks up all AM/FM radio channels and uses a tiny fraction of your phone power and very little data so you know what’s going on locally and weather.

3.       Iced tea UNSWEETENED is just like water and there is still lots on shelves at some stores as people over look! Tea is great for washing bacteria of hands without soap and it’s also anti-inflammatory for cuts!

4.       Lemons don’t need refrigeration and are great for cleaning and washing off bacteria. Avoid soap bubbles and residue.

5.       Empty 1-gallon jugs fill up with tap water or buy 1-gallon water jugs or Tea jugs and freeze… cluster all your food together and push to the back of the fridge and into bins which act like coolers when the power goes out put frozen jugs in bins and front by the door and around to serve as a cold barrier and as they melt drinking and washing water! Dual use!! If you can find dry ice it’s great for the freezer!

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6.       Fill your tubs with water and draw with a bucket to flush toilets, wash, etc…

7.       Don’t park cars under trees or power lines. Pull up as close to the garage door or building as possible if can’t fit in the garage.

8.       Bring in water hoses and garbage cans, patio furniture.

9.       Big Lots was selling LED (cold light) lanterns for $5, they last for days on 1 set of batteries I left 1 on for 3 days by accident and it was still on when I came home!

10.   Loosen bottom of screens on lanais and porches so it does not rip. Lock screen door so it does not pull open.

11.   Someone suggested a great idea to put valuables and important documents into your dishwasher, it is sealed and waterproof.

12.   Have CASH on hand ATMs or credit cards don’t work without power.

13.   If you have old non-tempered windows or glass doors… use painters’ masking tape and tape inside in X pattern to reduce shattering.

14.   Close garage door and park car closer to the door so the door does not bend in. If you have no power you can pull the string on the chain to open the door manually

15.   Comcast cable will work in storms and most homes and condos in HOA have free basic channels if you have Satellite you can go to input or source on your remote and switch to cable or TV. You do not always need a box, local & govt channels usually can be picked up.

16.   Cut loose palm leaves off trees

17.   Fill up propane tanks grills are great for cooking with no power!

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