Selling a Home on Zillow? 5 Things to Consider

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Five Things To Consider Before You Sell Your Home On Zillow.  

Selling a home on Zillow is believed to be a fantastic method to save thousands of dollars at the time you decide to sell. Many realtors have a rate of 6% of the sales price that'll be anywhere from 15,000 to $25,000 so there it could be some truth to the savings on Zillow.

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Buyers Agents Will Avoid Showing Your House To clients of theirs.
When a realtor comes across a property being sold on Zillow we are aware at the home is not being represented by a professional. This can lead to unnecessary headaches for all parties involved.  FSBO or (For Sale By Owners) are often perceived as unreasonable, unrealistic, and often tough to work with.  In order to offset this be sure to work with buyer’s agents which may include paying a reasonable commission competitively with the market 


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In the market, today to get their best and highest price for your listing the goal should be to maximize the exposure of your property to Realtors who work with homebuyers. Almost 90% up Homebuyers were active are doing business with a realtor so why alienate a vast portion of the market? What you should really be asking yourself is if the increased exposure I just listing with a realtor can outweigh the percentage charged for a Commission.

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This is not a full-time job of yours even part-time.
Emails, phone calls, text messages, showings, scheduling a lot of effort goings into selling your home on Zillow. While you are working a full-time job, there are a lot of tasks necessary that you come more of a burden and outweigh the cost occurred by simply hiring a professional. A realtor takes on these tasks and makes sure your home has the utmost exposure to the market.

Like take for instance this, call homeowners trying sell they're house all by themselves, and Trying to get my clients into their home was like pulling teeth. They weren't available to show the house and as a result of my clients would buy something else they're able to see in a timely manner. That day said you never know when a potential buyer is going to be requesting a showing, So basically you need to be available all hours of the day to not miss I'm such a valuable opportunity. When you are not available to show your home in a timely manner increases the home's time on the market which is not okay.  The longer a house sits on the market the harder it is to sell at top dollar. This is a widely known fact to anyone familiar with real estate.

It can be very difficult to keep your feelings out of a transaction.
If you rank five of the most stressful times in your life buying and selling a home will most likely be found on that list. Utilizing a realtor instead of selling your home on Zillow can help shield you from the emotional roller coaster that exists in a real estate transaction. Overzealous follow-ups, the repetitive rejections, and the possibility of stress from possible buyers can have a demeaning effect on your life. A realtor is an advocate for you who are trained to maneuver these situations and promote an easier transaction.

Expect buyers to come and want to alter so many things that you appreciate most about your home. Consider hearing them wanting to tear down a door that you and your kids work done to construct a new room. Don't let such memories get the best of you especially in the midst of negotiations. This is a businessman and you need to focus on the figures for your next stage in life that I'll create new memories.

A realtors marketing plan will be more in-depth than yours. is ranked number one on a real estate website it averages more than 30 million unique visitors every single month. With this knowledge, any worthwhile marketing plan must include Zillow. But what other strategies are there besides selling your home on Zillow. For starters, we also have Trulia which was purchased by Zillow just last year. Craigs this is also a common platform for sellers to showcase homes for sale. In order to use the other major search engines like Redfin and Yahoo real estate, you will need a realtor because those sites pull data directly from the MLS or another word the multi-use this service. Real estate agents have exclusive rights to the premier packages for marketing which are not available to the public.

Selling your home on Zillow is a great place to begin but if you choose to hire a realtor please consider these tips. There is a monumental difference between who you hire and some of my partners would be irritated when I say this.

Even if you have a background sales you probably don't have a background in real estate and these are totally different beasts.

Remember those feelings? Hair is when they come in. An offer is a place that you finally accept,  (which averages $40,000 less and averages 19 more days on the market compared to listing with a realtor). Be prepared for the following:
Please remember this quote and stay between these two extremes and you can do exceptionally well and get the highest value for your house.A buyer who is looking for the best possible deal.

The buyer's realtor who is exclusively looking out for the interests of their client.
The attorneys of the buyer.
The home inspectors who have the buyers best interest in mind and will always discover something wrong with the home.
An appraiser if there's a conflict over the value of the home.
And your bank in the event that your listing is a short sale.
"no one wants to purchase the home that sat forever on the market but everyone is looking to purchase the house for everyone else wants to purchase"

When you can place your house for sale in between this quote it can sell quickly and for the amount you want it to sell for.

So to conclude this is my best advice for people that want to sell their home on Zillow....

Just don't bother.

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