Purchasing New Construction In Bonita Springs

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Purchasing New Construction In Bonita Springs or Even Elsewhere 

If you are thinking of buying a house as new construction or from a developer in Bonita Springs for example. You should think about using a real estate agent.  Utilizing a real estate agent will allow you to the get the best real estate for within your budget. Real estate norms can vary from one area to the next and often real estate buyers wonder about working with a real estate agent with a new contraction or builder product. There are a few things you should know when looking for new construction here in Bonita Springs.  

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1. New construction is booming in Bonita Springs and Estero Florida.  Our local real estate market has recovered and our inventory of quality homes under $400,000 is slim. Thus the developers have seized the opportunity and are building homes in Bonita Springs and Estero.

2. Your real estate agent will likely be familiar with the area and the market in which you are looking for homes for sale in.  They will be able to save you time and find a home that suits your wish list.  This is ideal for people flying to Bonita Springs for a short time.  A real estate agent like myself would have previewed the home and even registered you in advance.

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3. Builders and developers support and welcome when home buyers use a real estate agent for purchasing new construction.  Local developers understand that real estate agents are usually working with buyers and we can cooperate as a cohesive business relationship. It does NOT cost extra money to use a real estate agent to represent and negotiate the purchase of a new construction. If you would like to visit a sales center for new construction in Bonita Springs or Estero. have one of us represent you. 

4. You may be able to find both new construction and resale homes in Bonita Springs and Estero in certain neighborhoods.  You can see both so you don’t miss out on opportunities.  Your Realtor can schedule appointments for resale and new construction homes in Bonita Springs or Estero on the same day.

5.Your real estate agent can also help with negotiating.  We can get incentives with your purchase, upgrades, and a reduced price with your purchase.

6. Many times your real estate agent can also be familiar with a similar design in a different community that may have a better value or offers incentives.  My office local brokerage has over 300 agents, that advantage is I have a network of local agents to pick their brains as I help my clients purchase new construction homes in Bonita Springs.

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7.Real estate agents like myself can help you figure out what’s best at the end of the tours and sort out your options.  Touring several sale centers can be stressful and overwhelming.  You’ll need someone at the end of the day to assist and help you decide on purchasing a new construction. We can help with important upgrades, credits toward closing, and options that help secure your investment and see a better return should you decide to sell it in the future.

Somethings to remembers when you purchase new construction homes in Bonita springs and using a Realtor is that we don’t get paid unless we are actually involved in the transaction process.  We require your loyalty in the business relationship and you will gain the benefits as well.  This requires that you attend the model home sales center with your Realtor and “registering” them as your representative.  This only takes a few moments.  There is no added cost to you for doing this.

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