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Deciding on the Value Your Home For Sale In Bonita Springs, Lee, and Collier County.

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Many homeowners place their homes for sale in Bonita Springs for them to be able to net the highest return possible.  Pricing you’re a home for sale without over pricing and deterring potential buyers can be a tricky business.  At the same time, you don’t necessarily want to underprice a home for sale and lose out on possible earnings. This guide can help with helping people with


homes for sale in San Carlos Park Fl, to Naples, or throughout.

Home sellers and listing agents can use a variety of methods to properly price a home.  If you are preparing to list your home for sale, ask a listing agent about a few of these methods.



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1.  The primary method to in pricing a home is to compare to the comparable. 

Compare to recent home sales within 3 months or six if needed. The closer the timeframe to the present, the better.  If the market doesn’t have much-sold properties in this time frame, then feel free to dig a bit further back.  It’s ok for the properties to vary just slightly, the comparables or comps will simply need to be adjusted to make it more similar to your home.  For example, an upgraded kitchen can be added or removed from a comparable depending on whether you have that or not. 

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2.Pending sales

Pending Sales can be included if necessary, especially if low on comparables.  Pending sales are something to keep an eye out as they may impact the value of your property.

3.Don’t rely on public websites like the Lee County and Collier County Appraiser websites. They are not designed to “appraise” homes for sale.  Those sites utilize a variety of tools which use “like kind” and “arm’s length” transactions to essentially guess an assess value of levy taxes on a piece of property.  The assessed values are based on home sales. If the market took a dramatic turn upwards, you could potentially lose out on thousands of dollars as the current market may not match up to last year’s sales, in which the assessments are based on.

4.Automated online valuation tools. 

They usually do not know the details of the local real estate market.  There are dozens of variables where the model doesn’t comprehend that the comparable properties be near a busy highway, a dumb, details that an algorithm can miss, but no the human sense.

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 a House7 tips to selling

7 Tips to sell a house


5.Absorption rate. 

Most real estate agents may not know how to calculate an absorption rate, but the seasoned real estate agents understand.  Absorption rate is understanding how long it would typically take your home to sell even when priced well. Absorption rate is important, so you can plan accordingly of course.


If you are thinking about selling your home as a “FSBO” or For Sale By Owner think about verifying the selling price of homes in your area.  Often when I speak with future home sellers about placing their home for sale, they are not familiar with the selling price of homes in their area, and if they “do” they are often inaccurate.

After your consultation with a listing agent about pricing your home. Be sure to check for recent homes that sold if there is a delay between the consultation and signing the listing contract.  If there are any changes suddenly by recent homes that sold, you don’t want to overprice or underprice a home by missing valuable information.  Your real estate agent may be able to show in our “MLS,” Multi Listing Service

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