7 Tips on selling a house

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Selling a house tip #1 Light it up

A dark or poorly lit home feels depressing. When selling a home, remember to brighten up your house by using natural and artificial light. Purchase the highest wattage light bulb your light fixtures, and it will instantly brighten the home up. A deep cleaning can also help brighten up the room.

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Selling a house tip #2 Make Sure the Price is Right!

It is crucial to know the housing market in your LOCAL area. If you don’t know the market, not only will it hurt selling a house such as yours. But you’ll also be helping other people with a house listed for less, sell your house.

 Buyers will compare your house against a neighbor, and suddenly your neighbor’s home looks like a great deal. Your neighbor will be thanking you.

To find the right price to sell a home, you need to answer some important questions. What are the homes in your area selling for as of today? Are these homes comparable to yours? If not, remove or adjust the comparable. This is something a trained real estate professional can do. Aim for a medium number in the price range of homes that are SELLING that is similar to yours. It’s important to note, some of these active listings may be overpriced themselves. The real data is based on the prices of homes that ACTUALLY sell.

If you need a home to sell faster, reduced the price to the bottom 25% of comparable homes

Selling a house tip #3 Make small upgrades

Don’t overdo it on major remodels. Odds are, you will not get your money back if you do. Instead, do small upgrades here or there, primarily in the kitchen and bathroom, that’s where you get the best return on investments. Those are the primary room buyers pay special attention to. Especially the ladies. New sinks and cabinetry in the kitchen, or light fixtures, curtains, and hand towels in the bathroom, are relatively inexpensive but can drastically transform a home for sale in Bonita Springs. Rather than spending $30,000 on an entire kitchen remodel, get rid of your unmatched old appliances and buy a new stainless steel appliance suite for under 3,500. Small upgrades can have a huge impact on selling a home.


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Selling a house tip #4 Boost up the curb appeal

Curb appeal can make or break selling a home and its potential selling price. Your house’s exterior is typically the first thing that a buyer both in person and on online websites. If not well presented, a buyer may even consider looking at the interior photos. Fix up your yard by trimming and shaping hedges, adding additional mulch, and edging the landscape. Consider getting your house pressure-washed and even adding a fresh coat of paint to your trim and other parts to help with selling a home. Everything matters — even things such the brass on your front door. Polish the doorknob, and remove any cobwebs or bird feces from your front porch. Flowers, especially near the entryway, can add a touch of color, this can make your HOUSE feel like a home to potential buyers.


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Selling a house tip #5: No Offers/Contracts? Cut the price!
Avoid inactivity and your house is listed for months on the market.

Most people have an emotional attachment to their homes. It’s natural, as the house often holds important memories. However, often times that means people think their home is worth more than people will pay and then are reluctant to reduce the price. If you are not getting buyers, you need to reduce the price. Although many sellers are hesitant to take this step, it is significantly worse to have your house sit on the market for long periods of time. If your house has been viewed by 10 buyers and you have not received an offer, then it is time to reduce the price.

Homes that do not sell quickly may cause buyers and their agents to wonder about your property and question why it is not selling. They may think your property is not worth a visit because they are concerned something may be wrong with it. Drop your price to a price that attracts buyers.

Selling a house tip #6: If it’s broken, fix it!
Selling a home may take a bit of work and money, but it’s important when selling to today’s picky buyers.

Most buyers are attracted to homes that are move-in ready. They do not want deal with a closet door that is misaligned, leaky sinks, or windows that are cracked when they’re looking for a place to settle and call home. Also, when people see broken items, they begin to wonder about other potential problems. If something in your house needs to be repaired, you should fix it before placing your home for sale.

Selling a house tip # 7 Be Flexible!
Sometimes selling a house may have less to do with the physical property and more with how well you interact with potential buyers.

When you find a buyer that is interested buying your house, be accommodating as reasonably possible. For instance, if you want to close in 4 months, but the buyers want you to move in immediately, find out a way to make it work if possible.

I recommend that you remove sentimental items from your home before showing so that the buyer won’t ask that they remain in the house when you move out. If you appear to be difficult to work with and there’s another home on their list with a more motivated seller, you will lose out. Be polite, flexible, and likable, and you may be the buyer’s top choice.

Selling a house tip BONUS Make their five senses sing!
Stimulate all of the senses to create an atmosphere that makes buyers feel like they’re already home.

Turn TVs or other annoying noises off. Make sure your home smells clean. Get rid of any offending odors such as kitty litter boxes, dirty laundry, or cigarettes. You can light scented candles or even bake cookies. Coincidentally, the cookies help the buyers leave with a great taste in their mouth if you time your baking to share their gooey goodness straight out of the oven. And, make sure they won’t step in anything sticky or crunchy, or put their hand on a dusty ledge. The home needs to entice on all sensory levels. If your home is pleasing, your buyers will remember the amazing experience and be more open to seeing themselves as the new homeowners.


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