3 tips to buy a home with bad credit

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What Are Some Home-Buying Options for Poor or No Credit?

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Excellent Credit: 781 – 850
Good Credit: 661-780
Fair Credit: 601-660
Poor Credit: 501-600
Bad Credit: below 500

If you’re considering buying a home in the coming future, the among the first steps you should take is determining exactly where you stand with your credit score. Start by pulling a free copy of your present credit report and thoroughly reviewing it. Particularly, be on the lookout for any inaccuracies or mistakes in your report. If you see anything inaccurate in your report, you can submit a dispute, which you should be able to do online and make sure to get it settled before you proceed with the home-buying process. You then should take the time to figure out how much of a mortgage you can sensibly afford prior to applying for a mortgage.


If you have poor or less than ideal credit such as a score of 650 or below, then you will want to start examining options involving home loans for borrowers with bad credit.   There are loads of first-time home buyer programs, such as Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans, that are particularly created for new homebuyers and borrowers who need help buying a home with inadequate credit. Particularly, FHA loans possess some of the most lenient eligibility requirements possible, with borrowers having credit scores as low as 580 being allowed as just as long as they can put down a minimum 3.5% down payment on the house.

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Understanding an FHA LOAN

Although an FHA loan may be your best opportunity, it’s critical to know its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantages are that it allows you to buy a home with a smaller down payment than a conventional loan. Nevertheless, there are some negative aspects to the FHA loan. For instance, while your mortgage interest rate could look very alluring, there are underlying insurance fees that you have to have to remember are associated with the loan. This insurance fee is presently 1.75% upfront. Let's say you are obtaining a $150,000 loan to buy a house. That would mean your insurance fee adds up to be $2625. Additionally, there will be a  monthly fee of 0.85% if your mortgage will be for 15 years or higher with a loan-to-value ratio of more than 95.01%. If your loan-to-value ratio drops to below 95% then your monthly fee would be 0.80%. Furthermore that mortgage insurance will remain for the life of the loan.


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Another program to think about is the HOPE program. The hope program allows borrowers with bad credit to get accepted for a mortgage 0 to 3.5% down payment. This is a fantastic opportunity for borrowers poor or no credit. As you make repayments, it also will build your credit history.

Many lenders today use automated systems to decide whether or not you would be a suitable candidate for a mortgage loan. However, if you’re considered ineligible by that method you may still qualify for a loan. Lenders manually perform an underwriting and place less emphasis on your low score if you can show that you're financially stable in other ways. You may want to be able to show that you have been paying your rent on time or that your bank account has reserves that can last up to 6 months. Having a high income and low debt ratio can show that you're not as risky to receive a loan. Also, have a reasonable explanation for your low credit score. If you have a massive amount of consumer related debt that has gone to default this can be an indication of irresponsible management and use of credit. But, if the bulk of your debt is student loan debt this may be a better story.


Other than the FHA and Hope loans, there are additional methods to purchase a home with low or no credit. For instance, you could possibly start saving up for a larger down payment, which lowers the amount you may need to borrow and as a result increases your likelihood of being approved for a mortgage. If you are able to place a down payment of 20% or more on a new home, you will be able to save a large amount on your interest in the long run because you will have to borrow less money. 

It’s important to recognize that having poor or no credit does not have to equate to missing out on the advantages and delights of homeownership. If you can advantage of home loan opportunities accessible to you and looking around for the ideal interest rates, you can acquire a home loan with affordable terms and achieve your dream of owning your very own home.

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